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ShowStoppers Teeth Whitening Studios

Room 205 Contact: Danielle Sposito
Work Phone: 214-551-9343 Website: Website: Online Booking
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At ShowStoppers Teeth Whitening Studios we provide professional teeth whitening treatments in a relaxed atmosphere. We also offer mobile service which allow people to get the same top-quality treatments from the comfort of their home or office. Our services, which take about an hour and a half, are more convenient and less expensive than other professional teeth whitening treatments. There will be an additional charge for our mobile service based on distance.

We provide the same effective teeth whitening system used by other providers, whose average cost is around $349, for a lot less. ShowStoppers uses a specialized LED light that goes into the dentin layer of a tooth. At-home and some other professional treatments only reach the cusp, or surface layer. And, because our treatments contain a higher level of hydrogen peroxide, the results last longer.

Contact us today to experience our certified three-step whitening process and have a beautiful, bright, white smile in just a little over an hour.

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