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Room 406 Contact: Orlando Williams
Work Phone: 972-837-9743 Website:
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Barbering is an exquisite art form that dates back to 3500 B.C.. I’m an artist that specializes in delivering excellent haircuts and shaves with the goal of bestowing confident, style and class upon my clients. The 6 years I have spent perfecting my craft has afforded me the knowledge necessary to give each client their own personal experience while in my chair. I exercise my talents to ensure all of my services are tailor-made for each individual. A true barber takes pride in the profession and knows that we not only provide our clients with the perfect haircut and shave but an experience, a magnificent experience that renews their confidence and revives their spirit.

My specialties include :
Scissor layered Haircuts,Military High & Tight,Buzz ,Under cut,Razor Fade,Crew Cuts, Taper Fades,Classic Haircuts and assistance with hair care products and styling technique for men.

Straight Razor Shaving is my ultimate favorite; it’s old school, traditional, and manly. I use great razors made in Germany to give you the best experience, by using the blade with a smooth touch on the face area, neck, and head allowing the blade to glide on skin without irritation to achieve the baby skin feel.

Beard, Mustache, & Goatee: Understanding a man’s beard and how it should be kept is vital to the bearded world: trimming of the beard, outlining the face and neck, or lightly trimming a man’s beard to allow proper growth.

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