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Nails Omayra
Omayra Santinelli

I am a nail artist and I customize acrylic nails. I specialize in mainly acrylic nails. I’m known for making short nails be functional and look fun, cute, pretty, glam or festive. I do short, medium, or long shapes and sizes not just short but I tend to work on people who need to be functional in their daily activities or jobs. I have varieties of colors, glitters, rhinestones, nail decals, gel polishes, colored acrylics, etc. many of my clients show me pictures of nails they want and most of them are long sets, my job is to create similar nail art on a smaller version of what they show me. I try and get my clients out of the box! They show me a picture and I can make it look similar to what they want or they bring me the outfit they want me to be inspired by and I come up with art to customize their nails. First time clients say they want basic nails and they come into my room and I show them what I can accent their basic color nails with, they fall in love and do not go basic again! It is about what you feel. I tell them there are no rules to nail art, no age limit, no such thing as too much or not enough.

Bee Nguyen

Hi, my name is Bee. I am a Nail artist based in Dallas. I Specialize in non-toxic/fume-free manicure. I also enjoy doing nail art!