Savannah Nickel

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Hello! My name is Savannah! I’m originally from Georgia but have lived in Texas for the past 8 years and most recently moved from Utah after living there for about 10 months. My husband, who is from North Dallas, and I just moved back here because we love it so much!

I’ve been doing hair for 6 years now (crazy!!) I specialize in blonding and styling. I have had a passion for enhancing natural beauty since I was so so young, ever since I can remember. I’m so excited to be back where I love, with the people I love, pursuing what I love so much!!

 Some random things about me: my favorite season is Spring, I’m the 3rd of 7 children, I love Diet Coke, I love music and singing, my husband and I are high school sweethearts, I lived in New England for 18 months, I love me a good Texas sized thunderstorm.

 Now I want to learn more about you and what you love! I can’t wait to be friends and help you feel more beautiful and confident after you’re in my chair!! I would definitely recommend visiting my instagram or clicking the booking link:)